Woman dies after car strikes parked dump truck

By Katie Spiro, Gardner-Webb Media Student

CHARLOTTE, NC- Early Monday morning, a woman was killed in a car crash near
her home in Charlotte, NC. The women struck a parked, unoccupied vehicle. No
one else was injured.

Police say Cynthia Melton Marlik, a Charlotte resident, was
headed North on two-lane Fairbluff Road when she struck a parked dump truck only 2
blocks from her home  in Golf Ball Circle.

Marlik was driving a 1998 Oldsmobile when she failed to make a sharp left turn, resulting in her collision with the unoccupied dump truck.  At 3:15 a.m., Marlik smashed her Oldsmobile
into the dump truck going approximately 35 mph, resulting in her untimely death.

Marlik was rushed from the scene to Cleveland Regional
Medical Center by a Brooks Ambulance, but was unable to recover. Her time of
death was said to be 5 a.m. Monday.

With puzzling circumstances and substance suspicion,
taxocology tests were done on Marlik. Results are not yet known, but Sergeant W
M. Vickers, a case investigator was reported saying, “It’s a real dark area down
there, but darkness was not a cause of the accident.”

Marlik’s case is still under investigation.


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