!Revision! Woman dies after car strikes parked dump truck

By Katie Spiro, Gardner-Webb Media Student

CHARLOTTE, NC- A woman was killed at 3:15 a.m. Monday when the car she was driving hit a parked, unoccupied dump truck two blocks from her home in Charlotte. No one else was injured.

Cynthia Melton Marlik was headed North on two-lane Fairbluff Road when she struck a parked dump truck near her home  in Golf Ball Circle.

Police say Marlik was driving a 1998 Oldsmobile when she failed to make a sharp left turn, resulting in her collision with the unoccupied dump truck. Marlik smashed her Oldsmobile into the dump truck going approximately 35 mph, resulting in her untimely death.

Marlik was rushed from the scene to Cleveland Regional Medical Center by a Brooks Ambulance, but was unable to recover. Her time of death was said to be 5 a.m. Monday.

With puzzling circumstances and substance suspicion,
taxocology tests were done on Marlik. Results are not yet known, but Sergeant W
M. Vickers, a case investigator was reported saying, “It’s a real dark area down
there, but darkness was not a cause of the accident.”

Marlik’s case is still under investigation.


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