Four youths arrested and charged for series of vehicle break-ins

By Katie Spiro, Gardner-Webb Media Student

MINT HILL, NC—Four youths were arrested and charged with a felony
conspiracy, 18 counts of breaking and entering into a motor vehicle, as well as
13 counts of larceny. Police have linked the activity to a string of thefts by youths
on golf carts.

Quran Thomas, 17, and Garrett Duncan, 16, were arrested and
charged in Mint Hill along with two other youth’s, ages 14 and 11, all having Mint
Hill addresses. Due to their ages, the identities of the later two youths were not released.

Police investigation began nearly two weeks ago when they received
a phone call reporting a car break-in on Windom Road at 5 a.m. When officers
arrived, they found several youths in a golf cart.

After being detained, police confirmed that the youth’s had been breaking into the parked vehicles.

50 pieces of property have since been recovered, but police
say that more charges may be filed against the youths. As part of a string of golf
cart riding youths, other parking lot break-ins are still under investigation.


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