Protestors Arrested in Texas, Oregon

“Occupy” movement protestors
around the nation have been arrested for disregarding city policies

In Oregon this past Sunday, dozens of anti-Wall street
protestors were arrested and dragged from banned city parks. The group had been
allowed access to 2 alternate city parks, despite city policies outlawing
camping, but forced further flexibility. Police said the arrests were made on
charges that included criminal trespassing, interfering with a police officer,
and disorderly conduct.

The movement, which began in lower Manhattan six weeks ago,
has been a public outcry to stop corporate influence in American government and
to also impede the widening gap between class inequalities. Capturing a
multitude of cities in America and other parts of the world, the movement is
gaining series attention as both a positive and negative reaction to the Wall Street

Though protestors in New York and other east coast cities
were forced to abandon their post due to a snowstorm, Texan squatters also made
headlines. 39 arrests were made when police were forced to uphold a new rule
banning food tables in the City Hall plaza. Assistant City Manager Michael
McDonald reported that the rule had been passed the previous Friday before the arrests
were made early Sunday. “We want to facilitate their activities, but we can’t
allow this to be a permanent campsite.”

Occupancy movements across the US have been relatively undamaging
and nonviolent thus far, but one must question the vitality of these peaceful
efforts before patience wear thin and aggression erupts.


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